1.6 – What a Night for Dancing (Nate)

You’re my million dollar baby
My pretty sexy lady, oh
Oh, what a night for dancing
Oh, what a night for romancing



I reflected on Rose’s words, on my thoughts from the last couple of days…I reflected on the idea of bringing Claire back from the Netherworld. In the shower, I felt my thoughts weighing me down. It was overwhelming, Now that Robin was a child, I had to think about him. I had to think of how to explain why he had no mommy. Maybe moving on, finding a mother for my children would be the best thing to do. Claire would have to wait for me, or move on too.

I was ready. Ready to mingle, ready to date…ready to move on. With my last sob, my last thought about missing Claire, I felt liberated and free.

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1.5 – Between the Raindrops (Rose)

Walking between the raindrops,
Riding the aftershock beside you.
Off into the sunset,
Living like there’s nothing left to lose.

(This chapter takes place the same day as the previous chapter. It seems kinda confusing, but it’ll all fit together. This is pretty much how Rose’s day went)


“Heya Johnnyboy, why’s there a puddle on the carpet?” I had only been awake for like…five minutes, and things already seemed a little off. I noticed his shoulders tense at my voice. Now I was very curious.

“It’s nothing…don’t worry about it. You look hungry, go eat. I’ll join you.” Well, that wasn’t informative. At all. I’m going to start demanding answers soon. I may be childish, but I refuse to be treated like a child.


Leftover spinach frittata was what I had for breakfast. Johnny joined me just before I ate the last bite. “Are you gonna tell me what happened? What you and daddy are hiding?” I caught him off guard. He just stammered for a second then resumed eating. “Fine, don’t tell me today, but one day…you’ll tell me.” She sounded very self assured, but can you blame me? I have these guys wrapped around my pinky, and then some. Continue reading

1.4 – My Immortal (Nate)

I’m so tired of being here
Suppressed by all my childish fears
And if you have to leave
I wish that you would just leave
‘Cause your presence still lingers here
And it won’t leave me alone

1When we finished our Feast, and the table was cleared, I was feeling extremely depressed. I tried to be happy, so I didn’t ruin the holiday for Rose, but I couldn’t. So while she was taking care of Robin, I decided to call a hotline for widows and widowers…to see if they had any advice on how to move on, or pretend like you were.

As I walked into the kitchen I told the brief story of my wife’s death, skipping certain details. I talked about my beautiful children.

“Mr. Sager, Nate…I’m so glad you called. Your story is a sad one, especially on this holiday of happiness. My advice to you is to just think about your children. It sounds like you love them enough already. Show them that love, show them that even though you’re sad and hurting you can lean on them. Happy Holidays Mr. Sager.” The advice she gave me…it made me realize that I only thought I was showing them my love, but I really wasn’t. I was too wrapped up on the death of Claire, and not thinking about my children…It was time to change that. Continue reading

1.3 – Thankful for the Moment

Don’t you know that I’m thankful for the moment– 
When I’m down, you always know how to make me smile…
Thankful for the joy that you’re bringing in my life.


“Now. Before we eat the lovely meal I slaved over all day…we’re going to take turns and say what we’re thankful for this year! I’ll start. It’s clichè but I’m thankful for this house and my family. I’ve very thankful for my baby brother, and my daddy. I’m thankful for being alive and I’m thankful for my best friend Johnny.” Rose giggled. “Your turn guys.” Nate and Johnny looked at each other with blank looks on their faces.31

Nate sighed and decided to go next, since it was obvious Johnny wasn’t going to say anything. “Even though C-Claire is gone. I’m thankful for the time I had with her. I’m thankful for the two children I have. I’m thankful for my job and this house.” He glanced at Johnny. He was still silent.

34“Well Johnny? What are you thankful for?” He thought for a minute.

“I guess I’m thankful for the opportunity to live with my comedic mentor, and his wonderfully bright daughter in this beautiful home. And I’m thankful for the support you two have given me and the inspiration to achieve my dreams.”

“That was beautiful Johnny.” Rose smiled at him. “With that said, let’s eat!” Continue reading

Cooking Feast Day with Rose.

Don’t you know that I’m thankful for the moment– 
When I’m down, you always know how to make me smile…
Thankful for the joy that you’re bringing in my life.

1Hello viewers! I am your host for this Feast Day, and today…I’m gonna cook plenty of food to last until Snowflake day! Weeeell, maybe. ANYWAY. First thing I need to do, is clean out the fridge and do the dishes. Only so I’ll have to use them again. But no matter. Doing this first is vital and also makes room in the fridge. Once the old bad food is trashed, the fridge cleaned out, and the dishes washed…I can prepare the first meal!

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1.2 – Hurt (Rose)

What have I become, My sweetest friend?
Everyone I know goes away, In the end .
And you could have it all, My empire of dirt. 
I will let you down. 
I will make you hurt.


I refused to take silence for an answer. I was really starting to worry about my daddy…so I opened the door.

He was sobbing into a pillow. My heart ached. I tried to put a smile on my face, and closed the door behind me. “Daddy? You’ve been in bed all day. Get up, get up, get uuup~!” I sang cheerfully. Hopefully it would make him get up.


I was relieved when he finally sat up and on the bed. But his eyes were dead, his lip quivered…I couldn’t stand to see him so depressed. I knelt in front of him and took his hands. “Daddy…please say something.”

He looked at me, which was a good sign. “Something.” He smiled weakly, which made me beam. At least he wasn’t hollow inside. I stood up and crossed my arms. “Get up daddy, please. Robby needs his dad. And you need him.” He looked up at me, the stood up. He was wobbly, but that was a start.


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1.1 – Field of Innocence (Rose)

I still remember the world,
From the eyes of a child.
Slowly those feelings,
Were clouded by what I know now.


“Robin, you won’t remember anything I tell you. It won’t matter anyway, because I’ll tell you when you’re older…when something dies. With big teary eyes, you’ll ask why this big guy in a black robe and large scary scythe came when your pet wouldn’t wake up…


But that big guy, with the black robe and scythe…he only comes when life is over, when the final sleep happens. So when he comes for your pet, he’s only helping its spirit be released from its mortal body.

If you somehow remember this story…you should plead with him. Even if the pet hurt you. Be the better person, and show you do care, even if you don’t get a thank you later.


Sometimes the big guy grants the plea. Only with a promise that next time, he’s collecting…But hey, it’s okay. It gives you more time with mo-your pet…more time to understand why Death comes, and what Death really is.

Maybe this near death experience would give m-the pet perspective and life would be better between the two of you…Or maybe you would finally get the courage to ask why the pet hated you so much…

5But Death comes calling, collecting what’s due before you realize it…”

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Get to Know the Family (Generation 0 and 1)

Continuing the story from where I left off won the vote.

So here’s a few things I should mention before I start this wild ride:

  1. I have my life span set for Long with a custom age mod, but I will probably occasionally age up some of the family early to either move them out to make room, or when I feel like they can accomplish nothing else in their current age.
  2. I have a TON of mods to make my gameplay more my style and enjoyable for me:
    • I took out school goals for children and teens so I can focus on their aspirations, skills, and socializing
    • My Sims are blessed(or cursed if they hate children) with 9 day pregnancies.
    • I have lower bills. The “vanilla” bill prices are ridiculous.
    • I have career objects unlocked, I don’t believe in them being locked in the first place. BUT just because they are unlocked, doesn’t mean I use them all the time. I do enjoy unlocking some things sometimes. (For example, the stereo they have is the career reward that Nate earned)
    • Faster gardening is a must for me. I enjoy it irl, but I don’t enjoy watching my pixel people garden their lives away.
    • My aspiration rewards are at a lower cost.
    • I have custom traits.
    • I have a mod that takes negative moodlets and amplifies negative moods.
    • I have a BUNCH of bug fix mods.
  3. This is NOT a legacy. This is a generational story. There’s no real rules except my own. It’s for entertainment.
  4. I’ll alternate narrator’s every so often just to keep things fresh. Since Rose will be here a while…
  5. I will try to update at least every Monday. There’s only a few things that will stop me from updating (computers breaking, family time…ect)

Now, without further ado…I present the Ursine-Sager Clan!

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